A New Category!

Coming TODAY : Five Sentences to Impress.

This NEW category won’t be a review section so much as a ‘this is why I picked the book up’ or ‘this is why I didn’t ‘ section.

Here’s my truth: if an author doesn’t capture my interest within the first paragraph, I am probably not going to give your book a chance. Unfortunately, I am not the only reader/writer who thinks this way.

‘The first five’ don’t have to be all content or action driven. Most times, I can tell if I will like an author based on the cadence of their prose. I will admit that this section is going to be full of paranormal/Urban Fantasy romance books both YA and A because that’s what I read. Occasionally though, I might throw in a fabulous first five from another genre. You never know! I’m crazy like that. LOL.

The point of this section will be to let readers/writers know where ‘the first five’ went right or where they went wrong.

So, cheers to a new category. Because, you know, I didn’t have enough to do or anything. 🙂 LOLLOL



2 comments on “A New Category!

  1. thats a good idea!! I am the opposite if i buy a book and take the time to start to read most times i finish like it or not very rarely do i not..

  2. That’s also a good way to be, Cathy. Sometimes I wish I had that ability. Books have been known to pick up and get awesome, but I’d never know. :-/ lol

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