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I can’t Turn Back!

Planting your face in someone’s lap usually isn’t considered the best way to begin a new job.

 No Turning Back (Kathleen Turner Series)

That was the first sentence of Tiffany Snow’s book No Turning Back. Do you think I needed to read further to hit download on this Free book? Hell no! The imagery here is so potent that I automatically wanted to laugh and hide my horrified face. But, if I did that then I couldn’t read the next four sentences which go a little something like:

Well, maybe some jobs,but not this job. I was a Runner at the prestigious Indianapolis law firm of Gage, Kirk and Trent, a position that occupied a rung right above Mail Girl but below Copy Boy. Unfortunately, that position currently had me face down in the lap of the aforementioned Kirk of said prestifious law firm. Blane Kirk was a partner and second-in-charge in the firm.

Here’s what I love about these first five sentences. They are all engaging with just enough detail to inform but not so much that you start wanting a good yawn. This book isn’t my typical read. There is no supernatural or paranormal element, but it’s not your average suspense novel either. Yes, it centers around lawyers, in a way, but the POV (point of view) keeps it drone free. There isn’t a ton of legal jargon but there is a ton of action, romance and scenes that make you gasp and not because your surprised if you know what I mean. *winkwink*

Sadly, No Turning Back isn’t Free anymore, but 2.99 is not a high price to pay for such a deep well of characters and problems. This book is a “bona fide” good read. Interesting side note: Bona Fide can be found among other legal terms (yes, I looked it up) and is the word used for ‘good faith.’ I’m sure you all knew that last part, but I bet I impressed you a little with the first tid bit, huh? LOL.

Here’s the link for Tiffany Snow’s novel No Turning Back and it’s sequel Turn to Me.




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