Saturday Teaser: Chapter 17

This chapter is, tentatively, finished, but I still have some edits to do. That being said, I see no reason to withhold a teaser any longer. 🙂


Leander swore. It was all heat and conviction and under different circumstances I might’ve found it hot.

“Are you hurt?”

I shook my head even though he couldn’t see me. “No. Look, I know things are in motion just like I know you’re capable of finding out why this is happening to me. Problem is: an opportunity has presented itself and I’m not patient enough to walk away from it.”


“Thanks for everything you did and everything you’re about to do.”

“Vira, stop. What’s-”

“Tell Rally this wasn’t his fault, and I hope he isn’t too pissed at me for breaking his rules.”

“I listened to you!” Leander yelled. “Now listen to me. I’ll help you. No matter what you’re doing, I’ll help. Just tell me where you are.”

I unchipped the pager from my ear and opened the van door. “See you soon, detective.” Gam watched me from his seat. Careful to leave our connection open, I set my small, black earpiece on the rooftop. Leander would trace my call and bring the cavalierly, but not before I did the stupidest thing possible.

“You go out there,” Gam said catching on to my plan, “you’ll be taking a ride in that gurney bag after all.”



3 comments on “Saturday Teaser: Chapter 17

  1. Okay. I realize the ‘rooftop’ thing might throw you off, but Gam and Vira are in the CSCU van. I tried really hard to find a section of this chapter that wouldn’t give too much away while still painting a pretty vivid pitcure, and it was super hard. This is all I could (safely) find. Sorry. I hope you still enjoy it. A little, at least. LOL

  2. love love love it! You’re getting close! Can you taste it?

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