Guest Post: Jessica Gibson

 Hi, I’m Jessica Gibson, Author of Mark of the Witch, it’s nice to meet you all. Oh, and a big giant thank you to Jennifer for hosting me on her amazing blog today 🙂 I brought Jilly Proctor, my main character from Mark of the Witch with me today. Let’s see if she’ll answer some questions for us 🙂

JG: Hey Jilly, or maybe I should call you JillianJP: *smiles* No, Jilly’s fine, you of all people should know I prefer my nickname.

JG: I know, I know, I was just trying to be polite. So, tell us a little about yourself.

JP: What kind of stuff do you want to know? *blushes* I’m not one to talk about myself.

JG: *laughs*Help me out here, I’m trying to sell our book.

JP: Fine, fine, I’ll help you. Um, I’m 29, and I own my own  hair salon, oh yeah, and I’m a witch. I have a twin sister named Caroline, but we don’t really talk much. *whispers* Is that ok?

JG: That’s a good start, what about your love life, any boyfriend’s?

JP: *laughs* I really have no love life to speak of, men kind of irritate me, I don’t have time for their games. My best friend Emily is always trying to set me up with friends of her husband, but it never works out.

JG: That must get kind of annoying not to mention lonely after a while.

JP: *shrugs* I don’t know, sometimes it does, but I guess its nice to have someone who loves me enough to set me up on horrible blind dates. I apologize if any of my blind dates are reading this, you all were perfectly nice guys, just not for me. As for being lonely, I think I fill my life too full of other things to really be lonely. Do I wish I had someone special to share my life? Of course, but we don’t always get what we want.

JG: *laughs* How very diplomatic of you.

JP: Right? I always try and be nice when I can.

JG: What was it like having growing up with a twin?

JP: *smiles* As kids it was wonderful, we were best friends. We were so different, I was always into everything, I think she balanced me out. We kind of grew apart when we were teenagers. You know how teenagers can be right? All weird and gawky.

JG: *nods* I do know, I was once a weird teenager myself. Ok, lets get back to men. What is your ideal guy like?

JP: Hm, he needs to be tall, I love a tall man. I’m partial to dark hair, but it’s not a requirement. He needs to make me laugh, I don’t care how hot you are, if you can’t make me laugh there’s no hope for us. Oh, and he has to love my friends too, they’re my family, so it’s important for everyone to get along.

JG: That’s quite a list

JP: It’s not too bad right?

JG: No, it’s pretty reasonable. I like those same qualities in a man, maybe that’s how I ended up with my husband *laughs*

JP: *laughs* Makes sense to me. Do you think you can invent someone for me that will fit that criteria?

JG: *winks* I guess you’ll have to wait and see.

Thanks again Jennifer, this was really fun. Here is an excerpt from Mark of the Witch (Boston Witches book 1)

(You’re very welcome, Jessi. I’m so glad we did this. It was so much fun.)

Book Excerpt~

“You may as well come out,” Jilly called, “I know you’re in there.” Both girls scanned the trees for any trace of movement 

Finally off to their left, a figure emerged from the thick brush. It was a man neither of them recognized. He was short and wiry, with bright red hair and freckles. Jilly thought he was almost too adorable to be afraid of. Almost being the operative word. He came to a stop about six feet in front of them and held up his hands in a gesture of peace. 

    “I don’t mean you any harm,” he said, reiterating the gesture. “I’m only here to set up a meeting between you and Sabine,” he said as he nodded his head in Jilly’s direction. 

    “And what if I don’t agree to this meeting? Will you mean us harm then?” She asked as she slowly rubbed her palms together. She felt the familiar reassuring tingle in her fingers.

     “Sabine doesn’t want you hurt she just wants to talk, but if I have to hurt you I will.” He walked a step or two closer, the look on his face was anything but friendly.

    “I’d stay where you are if I were you,” Jilly said forcefully, “you really don’t know me.” She said as she rubbed her palms faster. Her palms and fingers were glowing by now. He looked at her and shrugged before charging towards her. Jilly put up her hands and grabbed his arm, he went down fast. She kept a hold of his arm until she felt the warmth in her hands start to fade and yelled for Caroline to make a run for it.

     “No, I’m not going to just leave you here with him.” Caroline yelled at her.

    “Does it look like I’m helpless?” she shot back. Caroline looked at her with narrowed eyes and Jilly said, “I’ll be right behind you, just go!” Caroline nodded and took off running as Jilly started to rub her palms again. She shocked him once more to make sure he stayed down for a while and took off after her sister. She caught up to her a little ways off from the house. They both ran at full speed the rest of the way back and up into the house. Caroline slammed the door and threw the deadbolt.

    “Right,” Jilly said sarcastically, “do you really think something like a locked door is going to stop them if they really want to get in?”

    “I don’t know, it just seemed like the right thing to do,” Caroline said in a nervous voice. 

Mark of the Witch (Boston Witches book 1) will be releasing in early June. I’ll be doing some contests and giveaways in the weeks coming up to the actual release date. Keep an eye on my Facebook page and my blog for more info on that.

Contact links:

Email: Gibson.jessicaj@gmail.com

Blog: www.thisauthorslife.blogspot.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/JessicaGibson/120212814747940

Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/jessicajgibson

Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/5346249.Jessica_Gibson


6 comments on “Guest Post: Jessica Gibson

  1. Men irritate you, lol. The book looks great!

  2. Thanks for having me on today!! Men can be irritating Lisa, lol at least for poor Jilly.

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