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Messy Death Teaser: Chapter 19

We’re at the climax! Things are moving fast. This teaser was hard to put together because I didn’t want to spoil anything. Be kind. I know it doesn’t paint the fullest of pictures, but someday soon it’ll make perfect sense. Promise.

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Footsteps thudded heavily behind me. I jumped when thick fingers curled above my elbow and he dragged me closer to the circular clearing.

“What’re you doing?” I couldn’t help thrashing in Lent’s hold. My feet dug into the ground, but it didn’t matter. He took me to a tree, turned me around then pushed my body against it. On the ground, a coil of rope laid in wait. “What’s going on?”

“I’m tying you to a tree,” Lent explained. His lips barely moved and his ears were suddenly filling with color. Before my mind could process the fact that he’d finally gotten mad, Mattock strolled over.

He picked up the bindings and handed them to Lent. “Make sure her arms are pinned against her side. She needs to keep hold of the stone. That’ll be easier to do if she’s in a comfortable position.” The fact that he cared about my comfort was perverse and laughable.

I gave him a toying little grin. “That’s sweet, but I’m confused. Why do I need a shitty stone to tell me what’s happening here?”

“What’s happening here is fairly obvious,” Mattock admitted. “But you want to know more. I can see it, Vira, twitching behind your big doe eyes.” The grin died on my face. “Don’t be ashamed,” he charmed. “If the others had been more like you, they would’ve lived long enough to be curious too.” 


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