My First Five: Prowling for Demons & Messy Death

If I’m going to judge a book by its cover and by the first five sentences inside of it, I need to be judged as well. With that in mind, I present to you the cover for my new YA book Prowling for Demons and the first five sentences of chapter one. (A chapter I just completed today!)

“Jesus, Wendy. This is a demon hunt not 101 Dalmatians.” Wendy stumbled in her stiletto boots, cursed at me then righted herself with forced pride. Her blond hair was light enough that a lick of black would pretty much turn my BFF into a younger, sluttier version of Cruella De Ville. 

“Look, you said wear fur. This is what the thrift store had.” She shrugged her spotted shoulders indifferently. “Deal.”

Okay, so it was a little longer than five sentences, but I needed to provide the complete picture. Now, Messy Death gets a turn.

Death is an ending. A messy, smelly inconvenient ending. People don’t like endings. Endings imply a conclusion and conclusions are misleading. We expect them to be tidy and perfect because who the hell has time for reality? 

Okay, let the judging begin! 🙂


3 comments on “My First Five: Prowling for Demons & Messy Death

  1. Jennifer, Is there any discussion about making this an audio book? I am addicted to audio books and having you read this to me would be GREAT! Bill Bear Nelson

  2. The flow from ‘…101 Dalmatians.” Wendy stumbled….’ just doesn’t feel right. – Prowl
    You used ending as the subject of 4 sentences in a row, a little too redundant for my liking – Messy

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