Sneak Peek Saturday!

So, I’m feeling pretty good about my writing lately, and in honor of that rare sentiment I decided to pull back the curtain on Prowling for Demons. Now, remember. This is first draft stuff. Be kind. Also, this should go without saying but won’t: I reserve all rights to my written work and none of  my material is to be shared or published without my express knowledge and permission. (Sorry I had to go all Professional, but ya never know. LOL) Okay, let’s move on to the good stuff. Here, my friendly, beautiful followers, are a few paragraphs from my YA book.

On my way to Wendy, Jessup and I locked gazes. He must’ve heard the tete-a-tete because his icy blue eyes seemed to ask, “Are you all right?” I smiled reassuringly and said, “Some mistakes are harder to avoid than others.”

In a chatty turn of events, Jessup actually responded. “Mistakes show us who we don’t want to be.” There was raw emotion there; the kind of emotion gained only through experience and an awful one at that. I felt my guts twist compassionately, but I didn’t want him to mistake it for pity and shy away or close down. Neither of those things happened.

Instead he stood there showing me that behind an aloof, postal chic exterior was a boy full of sorrow. It was heart wrenchingly brave and a feat even I, the demon hunting Hybrid, couldn’t have pulled off. Mouth dry, head spinning, I raised my cup in quick salute. “You’re wise beyond your years, Jess.” And just like that our conversation ended as most of his began.

With a meek nod followed by silence.

Hope you enjoyed!


2 comments on “Sneak Peek Saturday!

  1. Loving it….. C’mon final draft!

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