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Embrace by Jessica Shirvington

As some of you may have realized, I seem to be into the YA thing recently. Which isn’t to say I haven’t been reading my fair share of Adult, but for whatever reason the innocent, sigh worthy romance of YA minus the complicated adult stuff is what I want to read about. Naturally, I need drama, conflict, paranormal elements and action to boot, but there’s something slightly more dreamy about the first loves, ya know. In Jessica Shirvington’s book Embrace there is a lot of breathtaking romance. The characters are so fleshed out that I could’ve hated this book and I still would’ve loved it. (C’mon, fellow writers/readers. That makes sense and you know it! LOL)

Putting aside the cast of incredibly hot, witty, powerful love interests the plot was entertaining. Again, I didn’t read the back of this book, so I didn’t know what I was getting into. I picked Embrace solely on the first-five. Which, I will, naturally, share with you now.

Birthdays aren’t my thing. It’s hard to get too excited about the day that marks the anniversary of your mother’s death. It’s not that I blame myself for her not being here. No one could have known she wouldn’t survive childbirth. It’s not that I miss her either.

Those were the sentences that made me go…hmmmm? I want more, and you should too. If you don’t, I’ll give you a bigger taste, but not the taste you think. Instead of giving you either book blurb, I’m going to give you a snippet from one of my very favorite scenes. Ready? Set? Go!

“I’m not a Grigori,” I blurted. “I just have the essence thing. You need to leave. Now.” I returned his glare. He looked down at my art diary in his hand and then slowly lifted it for me to take. I took a tentative step in his direction, and as I did, reality seemed to waver around me. I could hear the flapping of wings and leaves colliding. It was peaceful, violent, and eerie all at once. Over that, I could hear my heartbeat, pounding like I was listening to it through a stethoscope. I closed the distance and glanced up at him. His eyes, so brown they looked black, latched on to me and pulled me into his gaze. I saw a flash of sadness. It coursed through my body, enveloping me in sorrow. My heart ached for him as if it where my own. My hand flew to ma chest as I recognized the depth of his misery, and i swallowed hard. Then the look was gone and he replaced it with something else. Desire? It washed the sadness away with a relentless force. I felt it as if it were my own, my desire…for him. I leaned toward him and grabbed the edge of the diary. Through the connection, I felt a hum of energy. Then, somehow it quieted. He slowly pulled the diary toward him, giving me time to take my hand away should I choose. Part of me wanted to, knew I should. But I didn’t. There was a connection I couldn’t explain. When we were just inches apart, he reacted out his other hand and place it flat on my collarbone. I took a deep breath in. It felt as if he had touched me in the one place that could affect me the most. It seemed more intimate than anything else he could have done. The hum that flickered on my skin was like small lightning bolts, but not painful. Not even close to painful. I knew he could move his hand up and squeeze. I was sure he had the strength to snap my neck, yet just as sure he wouldn’t. He moved toward me, to kiss me. I stopped breathing. Just as his lips were about to touch mine, he stopped, breathed in deeply, and whispered, “You smell of apple. It’s so…” His lips were so close to mine. With each word, I could feel the vibration of his voice and the warmth of his breath-it smelled of vanilla. I stood, frozen, waiting. His hand slipped slowly from my collarbone up to the side of my face. I felt my body react and it wasn’t helping me. He whispered again, “I’ll not take from you, Violet. You will be the one to kiss me.” Pg 104-106

If that doesn’t tweak your interest, nothing will. Jessica’s awesome book Embrace is full of head spinning romance. I loved every second of it and will be reading the next book in her series.

Now, for a happy coincidence. I LOVE Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It’s my favorite TV series of all time. (Buffy and Spike foreva!) So, imagine my utter delight when I came across this article: http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/cw-embrace-jessica-shirvington-370808.

Can’t wait to see if the TV show is as good as the books! If you’d like to read Embrace, I’m posting a link to the amazon page. http://www.amazon.com/Embrace-Jessica-Shirvington/dp/B008PGR79S/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1352922320&sr=8-1&keywords=embrace

Live. Write. Read.


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