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Hemlock by Kathleen Peacock

The first five of this book were brilliant, but what really hooked me were the reviews. Believe them! This is not your average Werewolf book. It’s so much deeper than that. I loved every real-life issue Kathleen weaved into this YA romance. I was fortunate enough to attend schools were hate crimes and prejudices weren’t big issues. Kathleen portrays a believable set of problems involving Werewolves and humans. I thoroughly enjoyed reading her character’s spin on things and how both sides of the coin influenced ‘Mac’s’ behavior. Another plus, this novel didn’t have a love triangle in the traditional sense. It’s there but…not really. To understand, you’ll have to read it. I don’t want to give too much away.

For now, let’s start with Hemlock’s first five sentences:

Blood ran down my hands in thin rivers. I yanked on the chain-link fence, ignoring the pain, desperate to widen the gap at the bottom where someone had cut the wire. Puddle water soaked through my jeans as I kneeled on the filthy pavement. Small things- don’t think about mice and rats- scurried in the darkness. It was no use.

That was from the Prologue, so I’ll give you Chapter One’s first five too:

I ignored a twinge in my shoulder as I wiped down another table. My back was paying the price for too many hours spent waitressing at Mama Rosa’s Fine Italian Eatery this week. Not that I was complaining. Though I had the coming weekend off, tonight was my last shift before I switched to working Saturdays and Sundays. School had started two weeks ago, and it was already getting hard to keep up. So much for Amy’s theory that seniors just coasted and classes would be the things between parties.

Admittedly, the first five of Chp 1 are less compelling than Kathleen’s Prologue, but it sets an authentic tone which carries through the entire book. Personally, I like realism. The thrills are more intense that way. I didn’t realize this was the first in a series until the end. Probably because I only read half a review, decided this was exactly the kind of book I was looking for, read the first five then hit DOWNLOAD. (I’m a book addict. Don’t judge. LOL.) To keep it real, I will say parts of Hemlock dragged. At times, it felt as though Kathleen’s real world immersion took away from the story, but it came back around. The romance was a slow burn that became mildly frustrating in that good-book way. So, there you have it. Hemlock by Kathleen Peacock is an entertaining, original ride well worth the price of admission.



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