Storm by Brigid Kemmerer

What a stroke of luck finding this one, folks. Storm by Brigid Kemmerer is yet another fantastic YA book. In fact, it has become an instant favorite. Storm is the first book in Brigid’s Elemental series and is not lacking for romance at all. The male leads are all sexy, strong and powerful. This book was purchased for devouring after reading these five, well written sentences: 

The self-defense class had been waste of sixty bucks. Becca hadn’t felt like a victim going in, but she sure did now. When she’d seen the flyers around school advertising a three-hour session with a “women’s defense specialist,” she’d been eager to sigh up. But the instructor  really just some college kid named Paul- had been texting half the time, happy enough to pocket their cash in exchange for half hearted instructions about body blocks and eye gouges. She’d lose another Saturday scrubbing kennels to make this money back.

Brigid is a master at creating deft, easy to visualize surroundings that do not inhibit her scenes in any way. There is a slight bit of info dump in this book, but it’s not so boring you want to skim or skip altogether. I’m not going to give you the blurbs because I think you should read the book without the blurb, but I will give you a peek at a wonderful scene that shows you the imagery/action I mentioned earlier.

The shot was the loudest thing she’d ever heard. Then she heard it again. A bullet hit the water three feet to her left. She’d never seen a gun fired; she’d never touched a bullet.  But the sound of the lead round entering the water was unmistakable. As was the sight of Tyler, his feet in the surf now, firing in their direction. “A gun. Tyler has a gun,” she babbled. “He has a gun. Chris. He-he has-he has-” The fire drums exploded. It was nothing like the grill. This was a full burst of flame, as if someone had poured gasoline on the drums. Wind grabbed fistfuls of fire, sending it dancing down the beach. The entire stretch of sand burned. She lost sight of Tyler and Seth. “Hey.” Chris squeezed her hand so hard it hurt. She was hyperventilating, choking on her own oxygen. Smoke, thick and sudden, clogged the air. She couldn’t look away from the flames. Had any kids been left on the beach? “Hey!” Chris jerked her around. She stared up into his eyes, seeing the reflection of the inferno behind her. He still had a death grip on her hand. “Take a deep breath.” She inhaled and tasted fire. The water pulled back, sucking away from them the way it did on the beast at high tide, the kind of undertow that led to the big waves. Wicked danger sparked in his eyes. “Now hold it.”

How impressive that she can paint such a vivid picture so effortlessly. I admire her especially right now as I am re-writing the climax of Messy Death and trying oh-so-hard to get the visuals so clearly interwoven. At any rate, this book gets five stars and I’ll leave you a link so it’s easy to find on Amazon.com. Enjoy. http://www.amazon.com/Storm-Elemental-Brigid-Kemmerer/dp/0758272812/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1352930540&sr=8-1&keywords=storm

Live. Write. Read.


2 comments on “Storm by Brigid Kemmerer

  1. AWESOME! ❤ your review!! Storm is incredible…Spark is even BETTER! The whole series is like Brigid and her insane talent: AH-maze-ZING!! HOLLA from Merrickland!

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