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Coveted by Stephanie Nelson

Coveted. *sigh* Where do I begin with this review…hmmmm?

The bath! Seriously. That’s where I went to ponder how I was going to write this review. First and foremost, Stephanie Nelson is a friend and a wayward crit partner. Claiming no bias wouldn’t be fair, but if there’s one thing Steph knows it’s that I’m not afraid to get my critique on. So, I will mash my thoughts on this book together as friend and reader.

The progression of this author makes me proud. From Craved to Coveted Stephanie Nelson’s prose has truly taken hold. Every chapter of Coveted was exciting. Well worth the blood, sweat and crocodile tears she put into it.

Now, I didn’t actually read the First Five before downloading. This purchase was a give in, but my category does state Five Sentences to Impress, so I’ll indulge: 

Coveted by Stephanie Nelson~

 I held myself rigid, aloof, as I stood in front of Aiden. I did my best to hide he crumbling, fragile woman hiding just beneath the surface. Could he see her? Was the disguise I wore translucent, fooling no one but me? It’d been a week since I last spoke or saw Aiden.

If you haven’t read the first two books in Stephanie’s series, shame on you. Do it. LOL. Okay, okay. Sorry. If you haven’t read the first two books in Stephanie’s series you can still enjoy Coveted. She ties everything in quite well which is no easy task. As I’m embarking on a sequel myself, the idea of weaving summaries into the new book is rather intimidating. *Makes a mental note to ask for tips from Stephanie later.*

The romance in Coveted is everything we Dorian fans hoped for. Hot, angsty and what would the angel of death be without his snark? I mean, really. 

Gwen is getting honest with herself in Coveted, and I appreciate that. People often believe running from your feelings creates heavy drama. I believe facing them, head on, creates something far better. Epic drama. Gwen has an epic moment in this book. She’s in a towel; Dorian’s in his steamy vulnerable place. *fans face* 


Yeah. Um, anywho. I could be that person who shares the blurb, but I’m not that person today. Today, I’m a writer who is gushing over her friends work, so I’ll give you a sneak peek at one of my favorite scenes:


I took small steps backwards while I saw the past play out in front of me. My throat constricted and the air in my lungs thinned. I jumped when my back hit the wall behind me. Looking over my shoulder briefly, I brought my gaze back to the space in front of me.

“I’m not done with you yet,” Dorian said to the woman. His voice was tinged with pain and indecision as though he were fighting some internal battle. The woman turned her head, her skin porcelain and cream. Her almond-shaped blue eyes stared unblinking at Dorian, but they churned like an emotional sea.

I gasped, my hand going to my mouth. The spirit was me. ~Coveted by Stephanie Nelson. Location 1278 of 3975

This book and this writer are well worth your time. Now go.

Live. Write. Read

Coveted - Book 3 in the Gwen Sparks Series


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