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Nevermore by Kelly Creagh

Nevermore. Has any word every held so much power or evoked so many dark emotions? I don’t think so. Was it any wonder than that I picked up this YA ready to immerse myself in some seriously wicked sh*t? Nop. Not at all. Admittedly, the first five aren’t fast paced or exciting, but they caught me on a day when slow-starting novels were right up my alley.

By the end of fourth period, Isobel’s espresso buzz from that morning’s venti latte had long since worn off. She yawned, fast approaching crash-and-burn territory and shifted in her seat as Mr. Swanson droned on and on about the green-eyed monster, Desdemona, thus, though, and yea verily. She traced and retraced the looping spiral design she’d all but ground into the front of her blue notebook. “And with that,” Mr. Swanson said, finally snapping closed his ultrathick teacher’s copy of their text, curing the rest of the class to follow suit with a unanimous thunk, “we’ll leap into further discussion about Iago and his supposed honesty on Monday.” Isobel straightened in her seat, brushed her sheet of blond hair behind one shoulder, and shut her own book with relish.

So, I’m now 344 pages into this book, and to be honest I can’t remember what the H is going on. There’s a guy named Varen. Isobel liked him. He works at an ice cream shop. That’s all I’ve got. Is this a ringing endorsement? No. However, not every book can be a winner. I’ll give Nevermore another shot someday, but for now I have no desire to pick it back up or re-read the last hundred pages to remind myself of what I’ve forgotten. The book moves slow. Isobel’s character was a bit too wishy-washy for my taste and Varen wasn’t nearly as…I don’t know… NEVERMORE as I wanted him to be, ya know? There are a ton of Edgar Allen Poe references and info in this book. Most of which I already knew, but for a younger, less educated crowd I can see how the information would have appeal. On a positive note, Kelly Creagh’s Nevermore feels like it may never  pick up, but her prose is strong and entertaining. I know there’s a hardcover sequel to Nevermore on shelves now. Can’t say I’ll read it; however, I’d love to read something else by this author. Something that moved fast and didn’t focus so much on teen monotony perhaps.

Here’s the book cover and a link to its Amazon page.

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