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A Demon Bound (Imp Series: Book One) by Debra Dunbar

I am so excited to be doing a First Five post. It’s been forever, so I have a lot of catching up to do. Okay, so A Demon Bound is the first in Debra Dunbar’s Imp series. Readers, I cannot say enough about this series. It’s brilliant, fun, sexy, funny and heartfelt. This is a book I bought solely based on the first five sentence so I will be sharing. Also, the blurb played a huge factor as not a lot of authors write about Imps. They seem sort of lowly and this intrigued me. 

Let’s get the ball rolling with the first five, shall we?



Okay! How do you NOT want to read a book that starts off with somebody whacking a bunch of skateboarders with a car door? Seriously. This is good stuff. Now, let’s bring it home with the awesome blurb.


Samantha Martin is an imp, enjoying an extended vacation from Hel. All she wants to do is drink beer by the pool, play mischievous pranks on the humans, and get her hot neighbor in the sack. It’s a relaxing break from her infernal home as long as she manages to avoid the angels, who won’t hesitate to execute her on sight.
But when her naughty hellhound lands her in trouble with the local werewolf pack, Sam is blackmailed into helping track and catch a killer. The steps she must take to appease the werewolves will put her right in the crosshairs of the angels. And with angels, there is no second chance.
I found this blurb uber appealing. Debra Dunbar pretty much had me at ‘mischievous pranks.’ The book keeps pace. Debra’s writing is smooth to start and improves with each book. Her characters are well fleshed out and have relatable motives. There is more than one man in Sam’s life, but I wouldn’t get caught up with labels. It isn’t a love triangle in the typical sense. It’s more like two me, one isn’t a man per say, who are interested in an Imp woman who has no moral qualms or hang-ups about sex. Am I saying Sam is a tramp? No. I’m saying she’s a demon. Debra Dunbar does a very good job at leading the reader to the opinion she wants them to have of Samantha and she does it in a non-intrusive way. There’s no hammering repetition. Sam doesn’t veer off into a long, internal dialogue about how she’s not a ho-bag. She is what she is and that’s that. Simple. To the point. Just how it ought to be. A Demon Bound is worth every penny. I have all four of Debra’s Imp books and cannot wait for the next! Take a chance. You won’t be sorry.
Live. Write. Read.




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