Messy Death RELEASE!

Today has been a long time coming. Even as a writer, I don’t think I can accurately describe the range of emotions I’m feeling right now. Fear. Joy. Anxiety. Relief. They are every bit as prevalent as the giddy excitement that comes from knowing I have finally accomplished this goal. Looking back, it doesn’t seem like this journey should have been as hard as it was, but for me finishing a book was a difficult (near impossible) task. It took a lot of encouragement and support. Even then I felt unsure. If it weren’t for the network of authors/friends sprinkled throughout my life, this day might have never come. Shout out to H.P. Mallory’s writers group. You honor me with your knowledge and presence in my life.
Just the other day, I was talking to my husband about the evolution of Messy Death. As we discussed all its varying forms/drafts, I realized Vira’s story was only meant to be a cleansing project. At the time I started MD, I was working on a different novel. That story revolved around a set of heavy hitting emotions. In fact, they were so heavy hitting that I had problems matching my emotions with the characters. Identifying the root of that problem was pretty simple. At the time, my creative skills were beyond rusty. You see, for some reason I stopped writing when I enrolled in college and at that time it had been two long years since I’d written. (Stupidest thing I ever did. Seriously. Mistake learned. Never to be repeated.)
The day Vira’s jaded voice broke through my walls, I listened for one reason and one reason only. She was the only character willing to play with me at the time. It’s not the most romantic or flattering reason to start a novel, but hey. It’s the truth. Every day, I immersed myself further in Vira’s world all the while knowing it was a toy. Not a real project. Just something I could dabble in, play with and then put away. Unbeknownst to me, Vira had other plans. Eventually, I was so immersed in her story that I couldn’t back out if I wanted. My imagination had taken flight and soon the creative spark that rightfully abandon me was back in full swing.

That’s when I knew Messy Death deserved to be the first book I finished and, of course, the book that would change everything.

Today, my story (my baby) enters the real world. I have taken care to make her as beautiful, and flawless, as I can. Does that mean she’s perfect? No. But that doesn’t mean I love her any less. Today, my heart soars with pride. Vira Silk has a big story to tell, folks. It’s full of heartbreak, paranormal intrigue, sex, mystery, violence, love and (hopefully) a wee bit of personal growth. If that sounds like a read for you, feel free to click the links below. Amazon.  It is also available on the Barnes & Noble site. And will be available on Smashwords as well.

And, as Vira would, enjoy the mess!


What are your thoughts?

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