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The First Five: Horde by Ann Aguire

As with all of the Enclave books, this one grabs you from the first five sentences and keeps right on going. In the third installment, Deuce, Fade, Stalker, and Tegan learn some pretty hard lessons. I have yet to make it all the way through the book, but who needs to! With writing like this, readers will not be disappointed. I do suggest reading the first two books before hitting this one up. Not because Ann Aguire doesn’t do a fine job of weaving in past details, (to catch you up) but because you’ll miss some of Fade and Stalker’s good points if you don’t. On that note, let me give you the first (and fantastic) five sentences of Horde.

I left without looking back. This wouldn’t be easy, but it was necessary to leave our loved ones under siege to fetch help for Salvation. The decision hurt my heart too; my foster mother’s face would haunt me, so wounded and brave, older than I’d known a woman could become yet remain strong and vital. She glimmered like a promise of hope that my flame needn’t flicker and burn out before I had a chance to live. Once I’d thought old meant twenty-five, but my time in Salvation had changed my perceptions.


This is superb writing. It hooks you with an action, validates with emotion and tells us that this character recognizes her personal growth. This prose can and should be learned from. Reading is not all about enjoyment. Okay, mostly it’s about enjoyment, but that doesn’t mean we’re not learning as we go. With that in mind, I truly believe Ann Aguire is the entire package. Her stories enthrall, entertain and teach. I will forever be a fan and you should be too!

Here are the links to all three of Ann’s Enclave books. Keep in mind they are a YA dystopian novels.




And because I wouldn’t be me without my own book plug, don’t forget to give my debut novel, Messy Death, a read. The entire first chapter can be viewed online or on this very site.


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