Bio of Jennifer Starks

Jennifer Starks

Jennifer Starks has been writing since the tender age of eight. She gets giddy at the thought of visiting a bookstore, loves that good ole Library smell and is most content writing, reading or enjoying her family/friends. Her children are a constant source of entertainment (though they make it entirely difficult to keep any kind of writing schedule.) Jennifer is grateful her mother fostered a love of the arts and that she did so while living in a small town. Grayling Michigan is an impressionable city that has provided countless venues of inspiration. This isn’t to say Grayling is a town full of mysterious and creepy places, but locals know certain areas give off a definite vibe. Kind of like the vibe Jennifer captures in her debut novel, Messy Death. This is the first novel in a series. Updates on the sequel, Messy Life, and all other works can be found at www.jenniferstarks.wordpress.com

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2 comments on “Bio of Jennifer Starks

  1. I am friends with Jenn. She has tribulations most are unaware of. But in her own way, she inspires non-writers to pay attention to writers and their plights!
    I have a respect for creative people that has expanded by knowing her.

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