Jennifer Starks, The Absent Writer.

I’m not sure where to start. I’ve agonized over this post for a while. In the end, it boils down to this year and this year has kicked   my bum all over the place. The biggest issue is my health. It took an unexpected turn which came with a lot of adjustment. I’m dealing as best I can. Unfortunately, my writing has  been hit the hardest. I use whatever energy I have left after a long do of running the world (well, mine anyway) to crawl into bed or enjoy the company of loved ones as they try to distract me from current…issues.

I’m not ready to discuss my health status at length. It is private, and I hope all who read this post will take that to heart. In the mean time, I would like to make two things very clear.

One, I’m not dying. (Okay. We’re all dying, but my particular illness isn’t currently killing me. Just my career. Ba-dum-dun-CHING!

And two, though this feels like a personal defeat, suspending the publication of my work is what’s best. For now. Coping with this disease and what it means for my family and I has not been easy. The fact that I’ve let my readers down, sincerely twists me up inside, but you know what they say. If you’re going through hell…

Keep freaking going!

And that’s what I’m trying to do. I won’t say I’m taking the long way around because I’m pretty sure my path hasn’t even been forged yet, but this new life has taught me a very important lesson. A plan made is a plan wasted. You’ve gotta learn to roll with the punches, and on that note I must ask my readers for patience as well as understanding. Though Vira Silk is still alive, still bitching and (of course) still cleaning up dead things, her next pub date is a way off. I may not be able to offer much, okay anything, in the way of aforementioned pub dates, but I can assure you that the Messy Death will see print again. I may be down, but I’m not out!

Sooooo, I wan’t going to do a cover reveal this soon, but the readers deserve some perks for investing their time. Plus, it’s hard not to look at this cover (by my friend and self-pub author, Stephanie Nelson) and feel inspired. Without further ado, Ta-Da!  

Messy Life 3 - Jennifer Starks

Isn’t it beautiful? I have some variations of it, which I will post eventually, but this is the one that spoke to Vira and I. Please know, the kind words and encouraging prods have helped me reach a powerful conclusion: This (ironically) messy life will not get the best of me. Vira would be extremely pissed if I let her gorgeous cover go to waste. ❤

*Updates on all things messy, including the author, will be posted here with more frequency.*


6 comments on “Jennifer Starks, The Absent Writer.

  1. Taking care of you is the MOST important thing. When you’re in a position to get back to your craft (and I truly hope you do because you are super gifted) then your readers will find you.

    And, I absolutely LOVE the cover. Bravo!


  2. Take care of your health! That is more important than everything else. That way, you’ll have time to jump back in on your career full speed ahead when you are well enough. 🙂

    • Constance, I’m on the right path. Learning that it’s not JUST about your physical health was tough though. The emotional toll this news has taken did not surprise me so much as knock me flat on my are. Just the same, I’m here to tell ALL, down but NOT out is the way I’m approaching everything. Thanks for your kind words. They mean so much today and will mean even more in the future, I’m sure.

  3. My dear friend, I know some of your tribulations. I’ve sent prayers up for you, as you know. Life is a process, as I’m sure, so is writing a book! Any Messy Death reader is impatient to see the next in this series. That being said, I want to be one of the first to offer my assistance in any manner that will benefit you, your circumstances and your family. Bear.

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