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Jennifer Starks. Healthy as a Writer.

Soooooo, things are going well. I’m adjusting to my new med well enough. Symptom wise, I feel better in many ways so I’m relieved. Sometime’s it’s hard to tell as the holiday season can take it out of everyone, but I feel more like myself.

As for writing, I haven’t gotten to do much of it. A little. But never enough. I miss my characters. My world. The drama I can control. *insert evil laugh here*

When I do get to work though, it fills me with an essential kind of relief. So, while I may not be in “perfect” health, I am healthy as a writer should be.

Which is to say, I am writing again. Doesn’t matter how sparingly. I’m getting words on paper and that’s half the battle. If not most the battle these days.

On a more personal note, my husband is home for an undetermined amount of time, so the workload has been lightened. That has been extremely nice. It’s allowed me to accomplish many things.

My Christmas decorations are out and the house is almost (completely) done. (Just in time, right?) My cards should be finished today which means I can finally sit back and relax for a bit.

Except that I need to get my blood drawn and go to the doctor’s tomorrow. Ughh. Let me explain why I hate doing that stuff. D-days are a permanent reminder that no matter how good I feel, I’m still sick. It makes me sad and angry and sometimes it steals whatever hopefulness I’ve claimed.

But I’m determined to stay hopeful. I’ve worked hard to advocate for my health/treatment and I seem to be doing better for it. So, be hopeful with me? For me? It all helps.

And don’t forget to have a ‘Messy’ Christmas, for Vira and the team. 😉


 From my family to yours.

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One comment on “Jennifer Starks. Healthy as a Writer.

  1. Knowing you the way I do, I love reading this…. albeit you seem to “be controlling the drama” in a couple phrases. D-days are the extension of your Jen days, your children days and the far too few husband days.

    I want you all to have a Tremendous CHRISTmas!

    Pen to paper, either figuratively or literally can be a catharsis first you, so enjoy your holidays, even the time there’s nothing scheduled! Hugggggs! Bill Bear.

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