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Oscars, 2016.


Okay. This was originally meant for a much smaller crowd, but the post got away from me. So, while this opinionated blog has nothing to do with publishing, writing or reading, I could say it’s a bit of a…review. Maybe? LOL. Before reading, please be advised that the subject is controversial and while it contains certain facts this post is mainly comprised of opinions. Without further ado, the Oscar Hollywood buzz of 2016: Throughout this post, links related to the topic are provided.

  1. I don’t think Stacey Dash is “Clueless.” She shared an opinion many before her have had. That opinion is that it’s ridiculous for a community of people to agonize over segregation WHILE segregating other communities. I.e. BET.
  2. Jada Pinkett Smith has strong views on the lack of AA representation at the Oscars. IMO, she’s not wrong. It is awfully suspect. I mean, seriously! We the people aren’t stupid. If we had spent years being Will Smith’s partner, (Kerry, I’m thinking of you! LOL) we’d have a problem with the Academy right now too. Will Smith deserves more than a nomination. He’s proved himself as a serious actor time and time again. He’s got more acting chops than anybody from the Academy has EVER given him PUBLIC recognition for. Year after year, Will Smith gets involved in these epic films and year after year he delivers an equally epic performance, and yet…no recognition. This year, that fine actor didn’t even get an Academy nod. To add injury to insult, the guild has “zero nonwhite nominees.” Considering all the great films that came out in time for a nomination, that’s more than suspect. It’s simply wrong. Someone has dropped the diversity ball and Jada P has a right to be pissed. If Will Smith were my man, I’d telling the world. “Yup. I’m boycotting the Oscars because of the lack of diversity and the guilds nonexistent judgement.” Because I’m a bit mouthy, I would probably go on to add that one of those things is easily forgiven. The other? Not so much.
  3. While I didn’t find all of what Stacey Dash said insulting, I did think her opinion on Black History Month was way underdeveloped. BHM is about celebrating strength, fortitude and success. It’s about lifting the curtain and sharing a person’s iconic journey. BHM is education not segregation. People who want to remain uneducated will always find ways to do so. IMO, there’s just no need to make cultural ignorance easier. Take away BHM? I think not! Success is success. As human beings, we should want to share our triumphants and learn from our failures. Always. Bottom line, if you’re not in the mood to educate yourself during BHM, don’t. But if you expect educated people to say knowledge is a tool of segregation, well you can expect in one hand and crap in the other. We all know which one will fill up first. Knowledge is power. BHM strives to share that power with us. So, on this point I think Stacey Dash, dashed to her bad opinion.
  4. Many naysayers argue that AA’s are always complaining about “seeing color.” I admit. It’s hard to take some of the socially acceptable norms seriously. i.e. it’s okay for AA’s to call each other that word, but caucasians shouldn’t even whisper it. This seems strange to me because I believe that embracing any culture with humor and understanding promotes acceptance. Not segregation. Here I will reference the BET point made by Dash. BET is great television, but in the most fundamental of ways, it IS segregated television. As a community, caucasians have NEVER called their broadcasting platform WHITE, PINK or even RAINBOW colored. (Or at least they haven’t to my knowledge.) If a network were to do something like this, there would be more uproar than it was worth. And you better believe, I’d be writing a strongly worded opinion about that as well.

    73rd Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

    BEVERLY HILLS, CA – JANUARY 10: Actors Will Smith, Jada Pinkett Smith (L) and Trey Smith attend the 73rd Annual Golden Globe Awards held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on January 10, 2016 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

In closing, I don’t think Stacey Dash deserves to be bashed for her opinions anymore than JPS (yes, I’m into initials today) deserves BS for hers. They are mutually legit in some ways. “Aunt Viv” on the other hand? Well. I think “Aunt Viv’s” e-rant was downright sleazy. She was more interested in bashing Will and Jada then weighing in on the problem. Yes, JPS is boycotting the Oscars. Yes. She probably has more reason than one, but so what! That information is not at all what matters. Pay attention, lovely readers. Being educated will help you form opinions that represent what you really feel. Not just what you want to say. Educate yourself. GOOGLE your topic. Spend an hour reading up on it. You’d be surprised at what you learn.

**UPDATE** While my opinions haven’t changed as of today, 1-25-2016, I will say this: BET is about entertainment and should have the right to produce to the demographic of their choosing. Audiences everywhere should be able to connect to a show and it’s characters. That being said, I believe this network is not as diverse as it claims, and IMO the name BET, which will always be a person’s introduction to the channel, leaves a very segregated impression.**

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