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An Updated Update…

When life kicks your ass, kick it back! I won’t pretend these past few years have been anything other than difficult, but I still consider myself damn lucky. To be who I am is an honor. I love me. The sick and healthy versions.

Here’s my confession; though I have been working more than I’ve claimed, I am still reluctant to commit myself to any kind of publishing date. I have started seeing a new doctor and with that new relationship comes new adjustments.

Basically, the next year is liable to be a taxing one.

Until I know how I’m going to do on this new medication regiment, this writer will be in publishing limbo. Being in limbo is very disheartening, but some things cannot be changed no matter how hard we work at changing them. My truth right now is this: if I drain myself while healing, I will not heal. Some of you may be wondering if that means I’m not actively working  towards any publishing goals?

The answer to that is simply: Hell no!

I remain working. Slowly but surely. I am eager to tell Vira’s story and many others. So please, please don’t give up on this crazy, wonderful, messy world or it’s creator. Because though I’m falling behind, I am falling which is, technically, forward momentum.

Until the next update, I remain your slow-going author and hopefully friend. Jennifer Starks.IMG_3099R.I.P Sweet girl. We miss you everyday. 2002-2016.


One comment on “An Updated Update…

  1. The past being a not so accurate predictor of the future, yet given the travails Jennifer has stormed through in 2015/2016, those hardships only serve to steel her resolve. Being on the fringe and able to talk to Jen away from the demands of publishing, I say she is doing Better that many would in her predicament. I know folks that would live in self pity and the children suffer as a result. This is not the case here! Jen travels around the state enriching her and her children’s lives but don’t think the husband us excluded! He is as involved as his career allows!

    I am amazed at the drive, motivation and stick-to-it-ness displayed by this wonderful, beautiful and talented lady!

    Jen, you ROCK!

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