Messy is RIGHT!

I’ve been plugging away at work. I write when I’m feeling coherent and sometimes when I’m not. Things are, not surprisingly, a MESS in my world right now as I have to revamp both books I was planning to publish and the process is not going smoothly. That being said, I’m super excited for both of these stories to be told and will be sharing snippets (that WON’T be getting edited out) soon. Because I sharing helps me work. Hopefully, you’re all still hanging in there with me.

Please know that I’m fighting to get my life (and career) back and it’s been rough, but I’m not quitting. No matter how many people think I should. 😉img_7804


2 comments on “Messy is RIGHT!

  1. Those who are suggesting you quit writing, I believe, don’t have an idea what’s inside you, bursting to be free. If you capitulate to their wishes, what do they suggest you do with the people and stories inside you? Jen, be Jen! Write when you need to, edit when you feel like it, mom as you do, wife when you should, but above all, Jennifer All The Time!!!

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