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FIRST FIVE: It’s a FUGLY Life by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff.

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My name is Lily Snow. And I was once the kind of ugly that turned heads and made people stare. The worst part was how I let it ruin my life and destroy my relationship with the love of my life–Maxwell Cole, one of the sexiest, wealthiest, enigmatic men on the planet. All because I felt ugly and certainly not good enough for a man’s love.

But not anymore.

One car wreck, three reconstructive surgeries, and some unexpected money have changed my life. I’ve started my own company, I’ve finally learned to like myself–not love, but like (hey, it’s a journey)–and I’ve met a wonderful new man who’s helped me put Max in the past where he belongs.

There’s only one problem: After six long months, Maxwell Cole is back, asking for the one thing I can’t give him. And he’s not taking no for an answer.

NOTE: This is a continuation of the USA TODAY BESTSELLER, FUGLY, but is a standalone. **BOOK #1 on SALE for 99c thru end of October! **


This book is a follow-up to Fugly, which was an earlier First Five review. I don’t have a set formula for how I write these posts. I just let them take me where they want. On that note, I will say that this FUGLY book picks up  where the first leaves off. (More or less.)

Overall, this book has a lot great surprises. Some sadness; some humor. All the key elements needed to entertain and all of them are held together by the solid truth of each MC. Am I saying there are multiple POVs in this? No. I just mean that both main characters have their own inalienable truths and both are represented throughout. 


Once again, Mimi delivers a great read.

Now, let’s get to the First Five: 

 1-5) No, no, no. What did he just fucking say? I stared at the ass-faced reporter blocking my way to the church. A sadistic smirk stretched across his lips while his crew filmed my reaction. They hoped I’d cry for the entire world on my wedding day, didn’t they?

Thoughts: If I hadn’t already read most of this book, these sentence might confuse me as I did say this FUGLY starts right where the last leaves of. Clearly, this is not where FUGLY left off. Yet, Mimi manages to deliver the fist few chapters seamlessly  I was neither pissed or concerned by the pace as I made my way through this book. Like the first, this installment is another fast read, though I’m not entirely done with it…yet. 

I love these characters. Love the writing. LOVE the author. I didn’t regret spending more than .99 cents on this one because, hey! Mimi is always worth the purchase people. ALWAYS! This, along with most Mimi books, have been deemed NO REGRET purchases by yours truly.

Take a (non) chance! 


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