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Guilty Pleasure Read!

This isn’t going to be a normal review. Rather, this is me, a woman who reads, admitting that yes. I have found a guilty pleasure read. 

The book I’m about to mention is particularly mortifying because I’ve never read anything like it before. EVER! But what can I say. I found myself in a sexy place and wanted something fun, quick and dirty birdy.

Stepbrother with Benefits Book 1 is not your average sex read. First and foremost, it starts out with some raunchy escapades. Maybe it’s not as bad as all that. I don’t know. The writing is…blunt which makes the sex…even more blunt. This book is written in present tense, which I normally hate, but it works for this book. I don’t know how or why.

It’s kind of like a bumblebee flying. You know it shouldn’t work, but it does. The sex is descriptive in that nasty way that’s reserved for “really naughty nights.”

Oh, don’t look at me like that. We all have those nights. 

Some examples from Mia Clark’s book include:

“He leans over me and pins me to the bed, burying himself deep inside of me with one last thrust.”

“…and without saying anything or even asking, he thrusts two fingers deep into my sex.”

And then of course there’s the part where we see, with absolute clarity, that this IS in fact a stepbrother and sister situation–

“‘Now put some damn pants on,’ he says, smiling, teasing me. ‘Mom and Dad are waiting for us.”


For the first part of this book, I was mildly repulsed by the idea of a stepbrother and stepsister getting it on, but hell. They aren’t blood. They aren’t young. This means the premise is taboo enough to be fun without being TOO creepy. Soo…I gave it a whirl. Author, Mia Clark, keeps the voices hip and young. (As I went to insert the link to her name, I learned why. She’s young and full of hip!) Mia develops her characters very well. When I started reading this short, .99 cent read, I didn’t think it was a chapter type series, but it is.

That doesn’t take away from the entertainment value though, so don’t fret. My opinion of the Stepbrother series is this: it’s a hot, fun read with just enough heart and character to keep you coming back. If you’re in a “happy” place and looking for a guilty pleasure read, then this is the book for you. I should mention that its FREE for Kindle Unlimited. Otherwise, each installment is .99 cents.   

Now, plenty of readers judge other readers choices, but let me give a word of advice. This post is MY guilty pleasure read. It’s not an invitation or call to arms. Reading and reviewing is a wonderful outlet. I share because I believe things should be shared, always. Wonderful good; wonderful bad; wonderful guilty. Please, don’t be a hater. If your opinion is OTHER than mine, feel free to share it. 


To date,  I’m enjoying the third Stepbrother book, and yes. It’s..naughty. No. I won’t be talking about it, openly, like it’s the next Gone With the Wind, but who cares. It was an adventure. And who knows? Maybe one readers guilt was meant to be another readers pleasure. *WinkWink*




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