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First Five: Unexpected Gifts by Bronwyn Green.


Short Story(BLURB)

Feeling sorry for herself, Cassie Williams plays sick to skip out of her family’s Christmas Eve gathering. She loves her family, but on the heels of a divorce and her ex’s new engagement, an evening of togetherness is the last thing she wants.

Long-time friend, Sam MacLane has been in love with Cassie for years, and he isn’t about to let her have her pity party. There’s a blizzard on the way, and Sam shows up on her doorstep—bearing gifts….

**I haven’t read this book all the way through yet.**

Sentence 1:  You lied! On Christmas Eve.

Thoughts: I like beginning a book with dialogue. For me, it’s somehow more believable to come in as a character in mid chat.

Sentence 2: Cassie Williams stood there with her heart in her throat as she stared at the snowflakes clinging to the eyelashes of her visitor.

Thoughts: Good visual. Even flow. Gives me a timeframe as well as some scenery. 

Sentence 3: Bright blue eyes had captured her gaze, and it was all she could do to break contact.

Thoughts: So…she’s staring into a set of eyes. Okay.

Sentence 4: She shoved the front door, letting it slam in the face of her guest.

Thoughts: Okay…so. Um. She has a thing for these eyes. She was mooning over them a minute ago, but that doesn’t change the fact that she’s still pissed off enough to be rude. I like IT! Interesting.

Sentence 5: She should have known her mother would send someone over to check on her.

Thoughts: This is the sentence that made me read on. I just had to find out the sex of this blue eyed someone because…you never know! 😉

Sentence 6: Why did it have to be Sam of all people?

Thoughts: While this line could’ve been more dum-dum-dum, it was still satisfying in that I learned the gender of blue eyes. These 6 sentences have hooked me. I’m ready to read on. Unexpected Gifts by Bronwyn Green seems like a fun little adventure, and really? You can’t beat FREE! 

Try it out. Stalk a little if you’d like. Bronwyn Green I say, totally worth the time. 😉 **Also, you should know that I didn’t read the blurb all the way through until AFTER I read the first 5/6 sentences. LOL. Didn’t need to.**


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