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!!Messy Death by Jennifer Starks!!

MessyDeathCOVERI’m going to give you the First Five of my debut novel, Messy Death. I’m also going to let you know that for a limited time, you may download the ebook for FREE at Smashwords.com. I’ve done a search for it on the site, but haven’t had much luck finding it. At any rate, I’m having difficulties figuring out AMAZON.com, so I’m just making it free on Smashwords.com. Without further ado, here are the First Five of my book. 


1: Perspiration slicked my cleavage as I made my way across stage. 

THOUGHTS: Okay. She’s on stage. She’s nervous. She has cleavage. YAY!

2: Wearing a V-neck in front of horny adolescents  wasn’t classy by any means, but at least I’d have their attention.

THOUGHTS: She’s dressed kinda slutty on purpose. Okay. She’s in front of horny teens. Okay. Yeah. She definitely has their attention. (I’m not fond of this sentence, FYI. I could’ve done better.)

3: If that didn’t work, the tub of body parts I carried was bound to get some interest. 

THOUGHTS: Body parts in a tub? How very Dexter. It’s getting bloody! YAY!

4: When I learned public speaking was in my immediate future, I had one thought.

5: How the fuck am I going to talk about my job for thirty minutes?

THOUGHTS: Dropped the F-bomb in the First Five which means there’s liable to be a lot of swearing. If you’re squeamish about that sort of thing…oh boy. Within the FF, I have set up the area. Given you an idea of the MC’s voice, job and personality. Believe it or not, many characters aren’t nearly as snarky as my Vira Silk. I think, if I wasn’t the author, I would download this read for FREE or even for .99 cents. Why? The prose is right up my alley, wouldn’t ya know. LOL. 

Why am I offering this, you ask?

Well, quite simply, I’m thinking about changing Messy Death BACK to it’s intended ending before the release of the second book as the published ending has made the writing of book 2 VERY difficult. Considering all of my current life challenges, I need things to be as easy as possible. I’m not 100% set on changing/re-releasing MESSY DEATH yet, but I feel like it’s something to really consider. 

In the mean time, I would also like to drop the First Five of Messy Victory which hasn’t gone into SUPER EDITS yet, but will be published before book 2 of the Vira Silk series. Messy Victory - Jennifer Starks


1-5:  I have been with the Soul I am to Claim for a short while now. She is beautiful with large eyes and midnight colored hair. Her routine is not tiresome which is a great relief as most humans are monotonous creatures. This woman approaches each day with vigor and spontaneity. I have seldom known that to be the case. In the days leading up to death, some Souls can sense their demise. Some say they can even sense us. The Reapers. ©


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