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First Five: Furbidden Mate by Jessica Snow.


Plus-sized Katerina Headley is on a mission. She’s out to prove that real men do love curves. On a night out of fun, she attracts more than her share of trouble and the sexiest wolf this side of the universe.

Liam Greyson.

Heir to a billionaire fortune that just so happens to be a gorgeous wolf with a killer bod. But being with him will brand them both as outlaws. Bears and wolves don’t mix. It’s forbidden.

But that won’t stop Liam from helping himself to Kat’s curves. Or filling her belly with triplets.

They’ll face danger at every corner. Liam may need more than a killer set of abs and a tight ass to keep them all safe.

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 9.49.11 AM

FIRST FIVE: Katerina Headley, age twenty-three, half-turned from the full length mirror on the back of her closet door and looked over her shoulder at herself. Her gaze swept over the short, spaghetti-strap black dress that clung to her ample curves: bountiful breasts, solid hips, lush thighs. She glanced over the spill of dark brown waves that ran over her back and one shoulder, trying to school herself to look at her image admiringly instead of critically. Not bad, she told herself and did her best to believe it now that her confidence had taken a hit. 

THE GOOD: I’m gonna be straight. I picked up this .99 cent read because I LOVED the idea of a plus-sized main character finding sexy love. I was excited to start the book off with the MC seeking validation because, honestly, we’ve all been there. Dumped. Hurt. Rejected. In dire need of an ego boast. That’s what I thought the story was gonna provide and I was stoked to have that KNOWN right up front. Usually, authors will motivate the MC with an inner struggle that’s hidden to them and later discovered  While that’s not an awful approach, I NEEDED a story where the MC knew she was hurt, damaged and in need of loving. I NEEDED a MC that was gonna keep it real and that’s what I was sure, even after the First Five, this book would provide. 

THE BAD: I only made it %25 of the way through Furbidden Mate before shutting it down. Here’s why: the author seemed unsure of her stories direction. There were multiple, conflicting POVs that didn’t add real value to the parts I read, and though there was an interesting plot twist during that first %25, Jessica Snow’s voice was all over the place. One minute, it sounded on par with a hurt, young, motivated woman. The next, it sounded petty, immature and more than inexperienced. Kat, the MC, bounced between hurt and angry in the classic ways we’d expect, but there were other,  angrier, emotions peppered in there and those feelings made connecting to Kat extremely difficult. (Which was odd because I found myself connecting to Kat before I even started the book. Essentially, the author TOOK what I identified in the MC and muddied it up with a bunch of bizarre actions/cravings.) Before I stopped reading, I found myself wondering if Jessica Snow was young herself, or perhaps this was her first novel. Either way, for .99 cents I thought I’d give Furbidden Mate a try. 

THE OKAY: Jessica Snow has great potential. Many of her sentences capture images I’d struggle to provide. EXAMPLE: Dropping his gaze to the floor, Liam brought up an interesting half-truth. In this part of the book, it’s a different POV, BUT I love how Jessica doesn’t shy away from the ickier side of lying where Liam’s storyline is concerned. It made connecting to him easier than connecting to Kat, the MC. EXAMPLE 2: This was puzzling; normally Kat loved her some bread. But today it was about as appetizing as packing peanuts. This is solid writing right here. Funny. Informative. Descriptive. I love everything about it. Because there were so many GREAT instances of writing, I have decided to revisit this author. She has plenty of books to choose from all of which are priced just right. My hope is that this book and I just didn’t click. 


I still plan to revisit this author, but did not find the rest of the read all that entertaining. Sorry.



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