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First Five: Devil’s Mark by Megan Crane

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The bestselling author of Devil’s Honor returns with a deliciously sinful novel about a good girl who goes bad—and the notorious Louisiana biker who can’t resist the lure of forbidden fruit.

Holly Chambless is tired of being the squeaky clean daughter of Lagrange’s holier-than-thou mayor. When her father is charged with corruption, she realizes that her whole life’s been a lie. Now’s her chance to do all the things she never dared, like scoring a job at a bar where reputations go to die, or reconnecting with the biker who sparked a secret hunger in her all those years ago. Holly isn’t a wide-eyed girl anymore—and this time she wants a taste of what has always been denied.

Killian “Uptown” Chenier has no time for stuck-up princesses. He likes fast bikes and wild sex. Sure, he remembers Holly. He sent her running with a wicked smile and a lesson about prying eyes. And sure, she’s grown up smoking-hot, with a body he’d like to personally desecrate. But Devil’s Keepers business is real and intense. Her daddy stole from the club, leaving his pretty blonde daughter a walking target. And when Uptown takes aim at what he wants, he never misses.



1) Killiam “Uptown” Chenier clocked the exact second pretty little Holly Chambless, the dirtbag mayor’s squeaky clean, sorority girl daughter with her famously sweet ass, high tits, and the glossiest ponytail in the entirety of southern Lousisiana, walked into Dumb Gator’s.

THOUGHTS: I’m intrigued by the location as well as the author’s willingness to share naughty truths within the first paragraph. 

2) So did everyone else with a dick.

THOUGHTS: Again, YAY to Megan Crane for being graphic right upfront. HOT!

3) Tick and Butler, the two degenerate fucks sprawled in Uptown’s booth, practically knocked over the table with their instant hard-ons at the sight of her.

THOUGHTS: Whoa. I’m still loving the straightforwardness. 

4) The perverts were his friends and full-patch brothers in the Devil’s Keepers Motorcycle Club–the outlaw club that pretty much owned every last person, place, and thing in the sleepy little bayou town of Lagrange, Louisiana. 

THOUGHTS: I’m not a fan of the long, run-on like sentences here and I’m pretty sure she could have been specific about the location without being repetitive, but no matter.

5) From the pompous aldermen who pretended to be horrified by the biker presence on Main Street to a rough and isolated dive bar like Dumb Gator’s that openly courted the “bad element,” everyone and everything in this little corner of southern Louisiana catered to the club.

THOUGHTS: This isn’t the sentence that convinced me to hit BUY NOW.

This is…

SENTENCE # UNKNOWN: Like a fucking Disney princess who might belt out a song at any moment, given the opportunity or the odd swelling soundtrack.

THOUGHTS: After Megan Crane worked so hard to create a seedy environment it was perfect to have this “fluffy” thought interjected. It was amusing, perfectly timed and one of many sentences I liked. Now, this is not a .99 cent read. Devil’s Mark is 3.99, but I don’t regret it and with this steamy narration, I doubt I will. Grab the book and leave your thoughts below. I’d love to read ’em. I’m off to enjoy some more of Uptown and Holly. Thanks Megan Crane!



Finished the book. Loved every second of it. HOT! STEAMY. SEXY! I will be reading more of this author FOR SURE!



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