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How Knot to Marry a Vampire: A Nocturne Falls Universe Story by Laurie London: First Five.

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Penelope Bechtel comes from a long line of mediums, so she shouldn’t have been surprised to see a ghost for the first time at the Waffle Emporium. But the gift he gives her puts her in terrible danger and sends her on the run…right back to where she started: Nocturne Falls and—

Is that a nearly naked, gorgeous vampire?

Luka Cavanaugh lost a bet, and now he’s stuck modeling at a wine and painting party, where he meets a beautiful woman who threatens to untie the knots around his cold, undead heart. The problem is, he doesn’t date supernaturals. Too many secrets. Too much baggage. And Penelope is no exception.

With danger looming and things heating up between them, maybe some rules are meant to be broken…


SENTENCE ONE: It was 11:10 on a Wednesday night when I saw first dead body.


THOUGHTS: Interesting. Everybody loves to start a book off by seeing a dead body.


SENTENCE TWO: And 11:11 when I saw my first ghost.


THOUGHTS: A dead body AND a ghost. YAY!


SENTENCE THREE: I’d entered my section at the Waffle Emporium to find Reverend Wainwright facedown on his plate of Strawberry Supreme Waffles with extra whipped cream.


THOUGHTS: That waffle sounds AMA-ZING! Wait…not the point. Sorry.


SENTENCE FOUR: It’s not like I wasn’t expecting something like this to happen at some point in my life.


THOUGHTS: Um…I don’t expect something like this to happen in my life. Am I being naive here? Should I be worried about bodies and ghosts. Oh, wait. I’m a writer. I already spend a good portion of time worried about weird shit. I guess I’m not that naive after all. Right? RIGHT?!


SENTENCE FIVE: Coming from a long line of mediums, I knew the day would eventually come when the dead would try to communicate with me.


THOUGHTS: There it is! The money sentence. This is the spot where my interest skyrocketed. Not that I couldn’t get that info from the BLURB, but I’m a rebel. Sometimes I skip the blurb until after I’m hooked. I know, weird.

THOUGHTS IN GENERAL: I haven’t finished this book (with it’s long name) yet, but I’m fairly certain it’s a good read. The Amazon.com link shows a nearly 5 star rating and the reviews are all pretty good. After coming off of KC’s Game Series books, I might be a little put off by the MC as she’s been described as “Penelope is portrayed as a cute, sweet, smart woman” in one review and though I like smart, sassy is more my bag, so we will see. I have not read HKTMAV all the way through yet, but I feel like Laurie London has done a great job and I can’t wait to read the rest of this book. This is a 2.99 read. NOT A .99 cent read, FYI. Not that I mind. So, if you’re in the mood for something a little less BDSM and a little more paranormal fun, this could be the read for you!


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