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Mr. Rook by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff: First Five.

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Located near the Bermuda Triangle, some believe that Rook’s Island is an urban legend. However, their female-only clientele will say it’s a paradise worth every penny. Because for a small fortune, Mr. Rook and his staff will make your wildest fantasies come to life.

But Stephanie Fitzgerald doesn’t care about fairy tales or romantic picnics. She only wants to find her sister who never returned from vacation.

To get answers, Stephanie will have to get close to the island’s mysterious owner, the gorgeous Mr. Rook. But he’s not about to give away the island’s secrets. And Stephanie is about to discover that paradise has a dark side.

SENTENCE ONE: Like its mysterious owner, Rook’s Island was practically an urban legend.

THOUGHTS: In Paranormal Romance, we LOVE the urban legend. YAY!

SENTENCE TWO: No brochures.


SENTENCE THREE: No real website.

SENTENCE FOUR: They advertised strictly by whisper of mouth.

THOUGHTS: I FREAKING LOVE this sentence. Simple, yet perfect. Mimi Jean Pamfiloff is the best.

SENTENCE FIVE: In other words, you had to know someone willing to tell you about it.

THOUGHTS: I kinda got the point a sentence ago so it’s feeling a bit repetitive here. That being said, I will always read Mimi Jean Pamfiloff. She’s super creative and just the right mix of reality and beyond. This read was $3.99, but as always…worth it. This is the BEGINNING of a new series. A new series I’m sure to become involved with.


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