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The End of Me by Tara Brown: First Five

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Ten years ago Evie Evans left behind a dangerous job to be a mother and a wife.
Now widowed and left to raise her children alone, Evie is prepared for anything.
Well, almost anything.
There are actually two things she isn’t prepared for at all.
The first being a sexy young man named Coop, a CI operative who is thrust into her world as her protector and handler. The other is an arms dealer named Servario, who the military has decided she must gain the trust of.
But the world she left behind has changed and unfortunately, so has Evie. The minivan-driving mother of two couldn’t be further from the woman she once was and she doesn’t have time to catch up.
At every turn there seems to be a secret or betrayal awaiting the inexperienced spy.
But Evie has a secret too, she just doesn’t know it yet.
This hot, sexy ride is filled with espionage, secrets, and twists you will not see coming.

***I’m on Book 3 of this series. I started it on Friday. If that tells you anything.***


SENTENCE ONE: “Mom! Jules spilled her juice.”

THOUGHTS: If I had a nickel for every time I heard the nonsensical tattle-telling of a small child…*eye roll* So relatable.

SENTENCE TWO: I glanced at her in the rearview for a second, hating myself for my clenched jaw and bitterness that was associated with the thousands of errands that didn’t go away when he died.

THOUGHTS: Okay. The set-up makes me thinking the husband is dead and has been for a while. It also sets up the impending drama. Likey.

SENTENCE THREE: They were all accompanied by what felt like thousands of obligations.

THOUGHTS: Been there. Relatable = excitement in my opinion. That being said, the word thousand has been double-tapped. You all know how I feel about double-tapped words. Grrrr.

SENTENCE FOUR: Everything felt bigger, like it had doubled.

THOUGHTS: Well. Everything has doubled. Your spouse is dead. I am starting to feel really bad for this MC. Great writing.

SENTENCE FIVE: Nothing was ever going to be small again.

THOUGHTS: Wow. Yup. I definitely feel bad for her now. YAY!

**This First Five is going to be a little different**

Thoughts one the FIRST BOOK: This is an action packed read full of yummy sex, sweet romance, nail biting suspense and a satisfying conclusion. Sometimes, like in my own novel, books leave off with cliff hangers. Not this one. I thoroughly loved that it wrapped up the way it did. This read is $1.99 and worth every penny. Also, book two & three are equally worth it. The End of Me is suspenseful and well written. I’m totally a fan of Tara Brown’s now. As in, I may read a new book of her’s tonight! I know I’m usually doing First Fives on FREE reads or ninety-nine cent reads, but I’ve been stumbling across some really great finds. I just can’t help myself.  This series is worth the time and investment, for sure.


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