The Soul Summoner by Elicia Hyder: First Five.

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Blessed or cursed with a connection to the souls of others, Sloan Jordan can see the best in people…and the worst. With nothing more than a glance at a photograph, she can judge the living from the dead and the good souls from the evil ones. For twenty-seven years, she’s kept her ability a secret, but eleven young women have been murdered in the mountains of North Carolina, and Sloan may be the only hope of finding their killer.

She has just agreed to help Detective Nathan McNamara with the case when a stranger–who is as alluring as he is terrifying–shows up at her doorstep with a dark past and another puzzling mystery: she can’t see his soul at all.

Now Sloan is on the hunt for a deadly psychopath with two irresistible men. One of them would die for her, and the other would kill to keep her safe.

**The First Book In The Soul Summoner Series** 

  • Book 1 – The Soul Summoner
  • Book 2 – The Siren
  • Book 3 – The Angel of Death


SENTENCE ONE: Her hazel eyes were judging me again.

THOUGHTS: She’s getting judged. Always uncomfortable.

SENTENCE TWO: God, I wish I could read minds instead.

THOUGHTS: Okay. She can do something other than read minds which is fun. I do love me the Paranormal.

SENTENCE THREE: Adrianne spun her fork into her spaghetti, letting the tines scrape against the china.

THOUGHTS: I hate when the fork scrapes the plate. *shivers*

SENTENCE FOUR: I Cringed from the sound.

THOUGHTS: Thank God. The MC (main character) isn’t a monster. Scraping the plate is an awful sound.

SENTENCE FIVE: She pointed her forkful of noodles at my face.

THOUGHTS: I’ve had food pointed at me before. Usually the gesture indicates that shit is about to get real. 😉

MORE SENTENCES: “I think you’re a witch.” I laughed to cover my nerves. “You’ve said that before.” Under the white tablecloth, I crossed my fingers and prayed we would breeze through this conversation one more time.

THOUGHTS: Elicia Hyder is one of my new favorites. Her voice is fresh, confident and funny. I loved every second of this read. Romance. Suspense. Paranormal abilities. There was also a plot twist that I loved. Now, Soul Summoner is not a FREE or even $.99 read, but it is worth every penny. (I’m on the second book now.) I’m looking into reading other books by this author, so you are likely to see her work pop up on this blog. I know I need to start posting reads I DON’T think are worth it too, but this is not one of them.


2 comments on “The Soul Summoner by Elicia Hyder: First Five.

  1. ***I’m on the 4th book of this series now. LOVE it. LOVE the author. Couldn’t be more happy with my current reading selection.***

  2. Sentences from book 4: Taken.
    LIES. LIES. LIES. LIES. I WAS PROMISING TO BE AN OVERACHIEVER WHEN IT CAME TO…..(I’m not spoiling anymore. Flipping hilarious.)

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