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Caveman by Avery Kloss: First Five.

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Surviving a plane crash was a miracle, but what happened next defied all logic.

Flying to Miami for a photo shoot, make up artist Janet Delgrange’s plane crashes in a freak electrical storm, instantly killing the pilots and five other passengers. The survivors, some of whom are injured, discover the world is not what it should be. Photographer Philippe Fey sees strange and unusual things through the lens of his camera… creatures and people that look… primitive.

Archaeologist Amy Sandhurst discovers a cave near Cactus Hill, Virginia. The drawings on the ceiling baffle her, leaving her to believe whoever painted a Twitter username amongst images of mastodons had to be playing a joke. After further analysis, she realizes they were written nearly ten thousand years ago.

The survivors are not alone, traveling amongst fearsome, giant creatures and the Clovis people, who seem the most puzzling of all. Janet befriends young Punda, whose father, Gundre, is a hunter for the tribe. She is drawn to Gundre, who watches her across the fire, the flames of interest flickering in his eyes.

Trapped in the past, Janet realizes she may never be able to go home again. Although this new life isn’t something she could ever have imagined, she must adapt to survive. That could very well include becoming a caveman’s wife.

THOUGHTS: I was SOOOO hesitant to buy this book, BUT it kept popping up on my RECOMMENDATIONS screen. One night, I couldn’t say no any longer. OMG. I’m so happy I got this book. Caveman by Avery Kloss is .99 cents right now. I may have paid more, but it was SOOOO worth it.

SENTENCE ONE: July 10, 2015 Cactus Hill, Virginia: The humidity felt unbearable, sweat dripping into my bra, soaking it thoroughly.

THOUGHTS: Bra sweat is such a B.

SENTENCE TWO: Having seen the opening, I had gone back to grab a flashlight, although I had one on my phone, but the battery ran low.

THOUGHTS: I truly feel like this sentence could’ve been very refined. Very, very refined.

SENTENCE THREE: Professor Pine’s voice resonated in the distance, Stephen giving a tour of the excavation site to a new group of volunteers.

THOUGHTS: I’m getting an Indianna Jones vibe. Love it.

SENTENCE FOUR: Insects buzzed in the foliage, a bee flying over the brim of the baseball cap I wore.

THOUGHTS: Ugh. Bugs.

SENTENCE FIVE: My sneakers slid in a layer of dust upon a flat rock, nearly sending me to my knees.

THOUGHTS: Again. We’ve all been there. Or…maybe I’m just clumsy.

MORE THOUGHTS: I devoured this book and bought the second. They were both ridiculously cute. I loved them and Avery Kloss is a new favorite author. Caveman is .99 cents. TOTALLY WORTH IT!


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