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Kadin: A Scifi Alien Romance (Book 1) by Mel Teshco: First Five.

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The dragons will search the universe for their one true mate…

Grace has a special ability. She senses paranormal beings. It’s the perfect trait to have as an operative for the Paranormal Detection Agency. A pity her next target, Kadin Marres, doesn’t just trigger her paranormal senses … he triggers her lust too.

Kadin has been aware of the elusive Grace for some time now and has waited patiently for her. She’s a dragon breeder, and once he finally has her, he isn’t about to give her up. Not even if it means she goes from hunter to hunted.

Warning: this is a fast paced, action-packed short novella with a lot of sex, a prequel to the rest of my longer, more in-depth stories in the series :).


THE FIRST SENTENCE: Grace Macintosh moved through the lavish Sydney penthouse suite on silent feet.

THE GOOD: Straight to the point. Good flow. I like the way the author gets the name out there quick.

THE BAD: Suite and feet rhyme. It’s mildly distracting to the sentence.

SENTENCE TWO: Even in a pair of sky-high stilettos she’d perfected the art of stealth, but it was an unnecessary skill for this mission.

THE GOOD: I’m intrigued by the fact that the MC is mission prepared and that she remains that way.

THE BAD: Nothing really. Sneaking around a penthouse in stilettos is kinda cliche, but eh. It’s a visual.

SENTENCE THREE: She released a taut breath and then consciously began to click-clack her way across the slate floor, announcing her approach toward the master bedroom.

THE GOOD: I like the use of the word TAUT in this sentence.

THE BAD: I understand the author was using breath as a way to show the reader that the MC was correcting her need for stealth, but this sentence was bogged down and confusing. It could have moved quicker, read better, if it had said something like: SHE RELEASED A TAUT BREATH AND MADE HER WAY TOWARD THE MASTER BEDROOM WITH THE NORMAL CLICK-CLACK OF HEELS ON A SLATE FLOOR.

SENTENCE FOUR: She didn’t want to alert the man waiting for her to the fact she was anything beyond a sexily attired woman, anything but the hooker he’d paid big money for.

THE GOOD: I now know that she’s pretending to be a hooker and that she doesn’t want her John to know that she’s really mission ready.

THE BAD: This sentence is heavy, aka wordy, and missing a THAT in a pretty important place. I didn’t like this sentence and hope it’s not a preview of what’s to come. Wordy/heavy sentences stunt flow. A lot!

SENTENCE FIVE: Tonight, beauty was her advantage, sex her ultimate weapon.

THE GOOD: Straight to the point. Honest. Great pace.

THE BAD: I’ve read lines like this. A lot. I feel like the author could’ve said something…that meant the same thing but was a bit more refreshing.

OVERALL IMPRESSION: I’m going to read this. It’s only 100 pages. I’m intrigued. There promises to be great sex. PLUS! IT’S FREE. Why not take a chance on Mel Teshco’s alien world? Get to know Grace. Find out why she’s pretending to be a hooker. I’m gonna!


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