FIRST FIVE: A Witch A Ditch and a Who Done It by Marly Mathews

BLURB: Millie Collins is a witch praying for a mundane life. Thinking she’s finally gotten away from finding dead bodies, she prepares for a day of enjoying herself at a Car Boot Sale, when she discovers a dead body in her trunk, landing her smack dab in the middle of another Who Done It.   Now, […]

Oscars, 2016.

Okay. This was originally meant for a much smaller crowd, but the post got away from me. So, while this opinionated blog has nothing to do with publishing, writing or reading, I could say it’s a bit of a…review. Maybe? LOL. Before reading, please be advised that the subject is controversial and while it contains certain […]

How did Messy Death get it’s start?

This week, my virtual blog stop is Tara Chevrestt’s blog. There, I give you lovely readers a glimpse into how it all starts and what it felt like to finally (finally!) finish a book.     Here’s the link if you’d like to check it out. Liz Sogard, you’re mentioned so you might wanna take […]

Guest Post: Jessica Gibson

 Hi, I’m Jessica Gibson, Author of Mark of the Witch, it’s nice to meet you all. Oh, and a big giant thank you to Jennifer for hosting me on her amazing blog today 🙂 I brought Jilly Proctor, my main character from Mark of the Witch with me today. Let’s see if she’ll answer some questions […]

Shel Silverstein

Does anybody else find this poem morbid? I know it’s supposed to be funny ha-ha, but seriously? Read these words and tell me they aren’t creepy. Dreadful Someone ate the baby, It’s rather sad to say. Someone ate the baby So she won’t be out to play. We’ll never hear her Whiney cry Or have […]

Dominique Goodall

You’re the contest winner! Thanks so much for participating. I have sent you an email and will get your gift out early Monday Morning. I hope this blog offers you some entertainment and a smidge of knowledge. Have a great weekend!  

Chp 13

From Messy Death Chp 13 by Jennifer Starks~ This wasn’t right. People deserved privacy. I thought about Homer shoving inside my apartment. His attack had been a violation, but at least I’d known about it. The idea of Lent coming home completely ignorant to my invasion felt more unsettling than Homer’s raid. You don’t have […]